AR PLATFORM -The first dynamic training platform for Achilles with load changes in the world!


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Yuriy Bushuev

Sports and Rehabilitation Medicine Physician (Highest Qualification), Kinesiologist, PhD in Medical Sciences..

Oleksandra Samokhina

CEO of the company. Senior positions in large agricultural and trading companies, with more than 20 years of experience in sales.

Oleksandr Renov

Developer and implementer of ideas. Head of aerospace R&D department in the past. Over 15 years of experience in design.

Our Team’s Mission

At the heart of our philosophy is a profound belief in the untapped potential of the human body. We are convinced that our bodies possess capabilities far beyond what we currently harness. Guided by our core mission - "Healing Through Movement" - we've dedicated ourselves to unlocking this potential.

The AR Platform is just the beginning. Next year, we're excited to launch our mobile application, "Healing Through Movement," which will encompass a comprehensive range of exercises, both with and without our platform. This project is monumental for us, a testament to our commitment to holistic health.

But we recognize that physical exercises are just one piece of the puzzle. Motivation and energy are crucial catalysts for change. That's why we're actively developing a new segment focused on these very aspects, ensuring that our users are not only moving but are also driven and energized.

Together, let's transform the world for the better, rejuvenating our bodies and amplifying our life's energy cycle. Join us in this journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

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    One of the most important areas in our life is our health, it affects us and we can influence it. Take care of your health and the health of your loved ones!


    Get more information about the AR PLATFORM from the most frequently asked questions and answers to them.

    Is it good for office breaks’ workout?

    Due to the compact size and easy application, you can use an AR training platform in the office to reduce back pain.

    Can I use the platform for post-operational Achilles rehabilitation?

    You are welcome to do that after getting approval from your doctor. We strictly recommend you consult in advance to select the most effective yet sparing regimen to train your tendons.

    Do you provide customer support and teach customers how to operate the platform?

    Of course, we are in touch with customers to provide them with the help they need.

    Can the platform substitute other conservative treatment methods?

    This question should be asked of your doctor. Everybody is unique, and it requires an individual approach to the treatment of Achilles. Only your doctor knows for sure whether you can get recovery just by using the platform or whether you require additionally to imply NSAID therapy, other physiotherapeutic methods, or orthopedic insoles along with an AR platform.

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