Unleashing Innovation at WE MAKE FUTURE 2023 in Rimini, Italy

  • by Oleksandra Samokhina
Unleashing Innovation at WE MAKE FUTURE 2023 in Rimini, Italy
We are excited to share our journey at WE MAKE FUTURE 2023, held in the vibrant city of Rimini, Italy. This renowned event brought together a diverse audience, primarily composed of Italian attendees. With 60% representing corporate interests, seeking innovative solutions for their projects or showcasing their own, 20% comprising individuals eager to learn from esteemed speakers and lectures, and the remaining 20% consisting of startups, the event offered a dynamic platform for collaboration and growth. As part of the Ukrainian delegation, we had the opportunity to present our startup, pitch to a jury, engage with representatives from the wellness industry, and connect with potential investors.

1. Showcasing Our Startup:
Being part of the Ukrainian delegation provided us with a prime opportunity to present our startup to a receptive audience. Our pitch before the jury allowed us to highlight the unique features and potential impact of our project. This exposure not only helped us gain valuable feedback but also raised awareness about our startup among attendees and potential collaborators.

2. Engaging with the Wellness Industry:
WE MAKE FUTURE 2023 attracted representatives from the thriving wellness industry. We had the privilege to network and establish connections with professionals and experts in this field. Engaging in conversations with industry insiders provided us with insights into the latest trends and demands, fostering potential partnerships and collaborations.

3. Interaction with Potential Investors:
Although the number of investors was limited, the event still offered opportunities to connect with potential backers. We had meaningful discussions with interested investors, sharing our vision, and exploring possibilities for funding and support. These interactions laid the foundation for future collaborations and opened doors for securing the necessary resources to drive our startup's growth.

4. Learning from Esteemed Speakers and Lectures:
WE MAKE FUTURE 2023 featured an impressive lineup of speakers and thought leaders who shared their expertise and experiences. Attending their insightful lectures allowed us to expand our knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of various industry trends. Learning from successful entrepreneurs inspired us to push the boundaries of our innovation and strive for excellence.

Participating in WE MAKE FUTURE 2023 in Rimini, Italy, was an invaluable experience for our startup. Engaging with the Italian audience, comprising 60% corporate representatives, enabled us to showcase our innovation and explore potential collaborations. We also had the opportunity to learn from distinguished speakers, network with professionals from the wellness industry, and engage with potential investors. This event has equipped us with new insights, connections, and opportunities that will undoubtedly propel our startup's growth and success.

As we continue our entrepreneurial journey, we are grateful for the platform provided by WE MAKE FUTURE 2023 and the chance to contribute to the global innovation ecosystem. With renewed motivation and a broader network, we are excited to build upon this experience and drive our startup to new heights.

Stay tuned as we embark on the next phase of our journey, leveraging the invaluable connections and knowledge gained at WE MAKE FUTURE 2023.


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